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portrait of a student tour guide

pronouns: they/them/theirs

home town: manhattan beach, california

how long have you been walking backwards, leading campus tours? 

since fall 2019

major: international relations

minor: anthropology (sociocultural emphasis)

why did you choose uc davis? 

davis was just far away enough from los angeles that i felt i could gain some independence, but just close enough that i could come home if needed! i also loved the sense of community and the welcoming environment of the campus.

what is your favorite thing about uc davis?

i love how friendly everyone is. davis fosters such a supportive and uplifting environment, where everyone is willing to help each other with coursework or to stop and chat with one another. i'm constantly running into people i know who make time to stop and talk between classes, even if we've only met once or twice before!

what do you enjoy about davis as a college town?

i love love love all the coffee shops. i also enjoy the small-town feel of davis—everything is so peaceful. 

how did you find friends at uc davis?

i've made a surprising number of friends just by talking to people in my classes. i feel like that's a really underrated way of getting to know people, but i've made some of my best friends (and met my roommate!) just by talking to my classmates. also, i joined a lot of different clubs and made many of my friends through that.

how can a new aggie really connect academically during their first quarter? 

don't be afraid to reach out to your professor. ask questions in class. go to their office hours. i know it sounds intimidating, but professors are there to help you, and they want to get to know you.